YIHR activists beaten up at the event of the Serbian Progressive Party

Nine activists of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights and My Initiative Activists’ Movement were physically assaulted on January 17th in Beška Municipality in Vojvodina, (northern province of Serbia) during public debate organized by the Government ruling party – Serbian Progressive Party. These activists were beaten at the debate while protesting against the fact that convicted war criminal Veselin Šljivančanin* was speaker at the debate held in local Cultural Center.


RYCO – Od mladih za mlade – poziv na Open Space konferenciju

Inicijativa mladih za ljudska prava (Inicijativa) i Francusko-nemačka kancelarija za mlade (OFAJ/ DFJW) sa ponosom pozivaju sve zainteresovane mlade ljude iz Srbije na prvu Open Space konferenciju koja je posvećena Regionalnoj kancelariji za saradnju mladih (RYCO) koja se održava u ponedeljak, 23. januara 2017. godine u prostorijama Francuskog kulturnog centra u Beogradu (Zmaj Jovina 11).


Response to President Nikolic: Defence of democratic and European Serbia, not vandalism

In respect to a Youweeks-long debate about the morality of Slobodan Milosevic’s politics, an idea to honor him by building a monument to him in Serbia as well as President Nikolic’s statement that “this monument wouldn’t survive long because it would be vandalized by self-proclaimed democrats’ YIHR issues the following declaration:


Racial discrimination in the job market in Europe

No less than 11%, up to 84% of applicants racially discriminated against in the job market: the alarming peaks


State incapable of protecting its citizens from ‘Zavetnici’ and other extreme right wing organizations

‘Seven thousand’ assembly was banned in July last year, accompanied by insufficient explanation of Serbian Ministry of Interior.


State supports Šešelj, ’Zavetnici’ and politics of genocide denial

Serbian Ministry of Interior delivered to the Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) documents confirming that members of the far right organizations and Serbian Radical Party were not charged with misdemeanor on the basis of organizing unregistered public assembly on July 10, 2015 or for organizing, previously banned, gatherings on July 11, 2015.