Serbian Ministry of Interior delivered to the Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) documents confirming that members of the far right organizations and Serbian Radical Party were not charged with misdemeanor on the basis of organizing unregistered public assembly on July 10, 2015 or for organizing, previously banned, gatherings on July 11, 2015.

The first hearing before the Misdemeanor Court, on the charges against Anita Mitić, director of Youth Initiative for Human Rights was held today. Serbian Ministry of Interior charged Mitić with misdemeanor for organizing commemoration of Srebrenica genocide.

And I used to be such a cool gal, easy going. It all started with a visit to the ‘heart of Serbia’ and some strange people taking out and selling kidneys, and lives exactly there in the ancient habitat of all Serbian (if only Serbs would decide if their ancestors were Arbanasi or Slavs).

Bro in Prishtina

— 01.03.2015.

OK. The aim of this text is to fulfill certain needs. To begin with, it needs to fulfill my need to express a huge gratitude (not merely enough) to the Youth Initiative for Human Rights for inviting me to be one of the participants of a visiting program in Prishtina. Had it not been for this trip, the probability of me ever visiting Prishtina, would be equal to a statistical error.

Prishtina 101

— 18.02.2015.

We were not one of the people with prejudices. Some of us have already been in Prishtina, some have heard amazing stories from the others, and some had no idea where exactly they were going or what was waiting for them there. I belong to the second group. But no matter how many stories I’ve heard, nothing could resemble to what I have experienced.

Full Circle

— 12.02.2015.

I believe I’ll always remember the first time I went to Prishtina on my own. It was summer of 2013, and I took the long-forgotten Adio tours bus (at the bus station in Belgrade I told myself: goodbye dear life!) which offers everything but comfort and a safe trip. I arrived at Prishtina bus station around 5 pm. Squeezing the note which contained the address of the guesthouse where I was headed, I looked around myself and felt terrible fear.

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location Trg republike - Batajnica Trg republike - Batajnica

Under the slogan ‘Too Young to Remember, Determined not to Forget’, Youth Initiative for Human Rights and My Initiative movement will organize on Saturday, March 26, twenty kilometers long march from Republic Square to Batajnica, where bodies of over 700 Albanians were exhumed from the training site of Special Anti-Terrorist Unit. Among recovered bodies were also remains of the victims of the Suva Reka crime.

On Tuesday, 19th of May starting at 10 a.m. Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) will organize conference Region as It Should Be: Improvement of the Regional Youth Cooperation which will take place at the Belgrade Hotel Falkensteiner (Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 10k). The possibilities for establishment of an official youth exchange program in the Western Balkans will be discussed at the conference.

04 – 10.02.

Regional network of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) opens the call for application for journalists from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro for participation at the study visit to Belgrade which will be held in period between February 17th and 19th. The call for application is focused on journalists interested in the topic of regional cooperation and youth policies.

02 – 10.04.

Do you see a problem in your community and want to do something about it? Do you want to explore how digital technologies and new media can help you in that process? Do you want to learn how to develop online solutions for offline problems? Do you want to connect with Youth from the Balkans to do these things together, to network and make new friendships?