Honorable President Vučić,

We understand as an excellent signal that among the first topics that you have opened in your presidential term is attitude towards Kosovo and the region. From our side, we want to introduce you to the fact that a very substantial, lively and intensive dialogue on this topic is for years conducted under the auspices of civil society across the region.

In recent days, the dialogue is endangered by physical threats and lynch atmosphere created by the extreme right and hooligan groups. Events that represent a platform for dialogue, are violently interrupted, threats to representatives of NGOs are more open, and the escalation of violence is inevitable if state authorities do not react concretely. University of Belgrade and Belgrade Youth Center are no longer the guardians of free thought and discussion, they are occupied by the screaming masses that express their oppinion only through violence.

A necessary condition for the dialogue that you announced is the elimination of all forms of violence from the public space. It is impossible to talk if extremist groups feel free to violently attack political opponents.

Therefore, we urge you to openly side with those who have been promoting the values ​​of reconciliation and cooperation and to put your authority in function of protecting human rights defenders whose security is directly threatened. There are many questions without common answers in our society and some major disagreements on key social and political issues, and we fully agree with your assessment that the broader dialogue is necessary. We believe that meeting point and basis for this dialogue should be a message “It’s Shameful to Hate!”.