State supports Šešelj, ’Zavetnici’ and politics of genocide denial

— 23.03.2016.

Serbian Ministry of Interior delivered to the Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR) documents confirming that members of the far right organizations and Serbian Radical Party were not charged with misdemeanor on the basis of organizing unregistered public assembly on July 10, 2015 or for organizing, previously banned, gatherings on July 11, 2015.

YIHR sees this absence of any kind of sanction for the organizations on the far right, as state support to the political objectives of these organizations, as well as continuation of criminal politics from the nineties created by political subjects and their derivatives, out of whom some are currently in power, while others are preventing Serbian society from dealing with the war past by using violence.

Gatherings of right-winged organizations aimed at precluding #seventhousand assembly from taking place and denying Srebrenica genocide committed by forces of Army of Republika Srpska in July 1995.

YIHR emphasizes that Anita Mitic, YIHR director, was charged with misdemeanor for using her private Facebook profile to invite citizens to honor victims of Srebrenica genocide by lightening candles in front of the building of Serbian Presidency on the night of July 10, 2015. The court proceeding against Mitic is still ongoing.

Any positive effect of Prime Minister Vucic’s visit to Potocari on July 11th last year, has been repealed by this act of silent support to far right and war-driven politics.

We cannot expect genuine reconciliation in the region as long as commemorations are being banned, entire foreign policy activity of Serbian government is directed at blocking UN Security Council’s resolution on Srebrenica which affirms that genocide was committed in Srebrenica and two ministers of Serbian government travel to Hague to accompany, with state honors, general Lazarevic, after he served his sentence for crimes against humanity committed in Kosovo.

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