STATEMENT: Call for Rape of Brankica Jankovic Is Added Proof that Seselj Must Be Expelled from the Parliament

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights strongly condemns the new heinous sexist threats of rape which Vojislav Seselj has made on Twitter against Brankica Jankovic, the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality of the Republic of Serbia.


Panels on Sarajevo Youth Summit

The Sarajevo Youth Summit, organized by Youth Initiative for Human Rights, will be held in Sarajevo on 14-16 October 2015. The Summit will gather around 150 young leaders from the Western Balkans and the European Union, as well as representatives of organizations and leaders from conflict and post-conflict zones across the world.


YIHR Memorandum on Initiative for the Regional Youth Exchange Program

Regional Network of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights with its offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia is dedicated to the establishment of an official mechanism for interethnic and cross-border youth exchanges in the Western Balkans region. YIHR believes that such a mechanism should be established and funded by the governments in Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania.