Youth Initiative for Human Rights (Initiative) sent a letter to the executive and legislative authorities offering suggestions to improve the forthcoming internal dialogue on Kosovo. The dialogue cannot be staged pro formae, but recognized as a unique opportunity to change the attitude of Serbian public towards Kosovo which should no longer be based on myths and falsification of reality.

In a letter to Prime Minister Ana Brnabić who announced the establishment of a governmental Working Group for internal dialogue, the Initiative suggested the Working Group pays special attention to the four following principles: 1) Inclusion: The membership in the Working Group must be open to all actors from the institutions of the Republic of Serbia, who are obliged to participation, but also those of civil society; 2) Responsibility: The representatives of state institutions must take a primary responsibility for policy proposals on Kosovo; 3) Equality among non-institutional actors: The opinions of the Serbian Orthodox Church or the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences may not be acknowledged more than the opinions of other civil society actors, and vice versa; and 4) Transparency: Due to the sensitivity of the topic, including its importance for the future of the country, the Working Group sessions must be TV broadcast for public scrutiny. Moreover, the institution vested with responsibility to facilitate dialogue must publish transcripts and the conclusions following the completion of each session of the Working Group.

The Initiative has requested the Speaker of the National Assembly, Ms. Maja Gojković, to schedule a special parliamentary session on Kosovo to be attended by the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the members of the Government, including representatives of civil society, so that the National Assembly can play its role and responsibility in internal dialogue.

The Initiative has sent a letter to all the people’s deputies where it presented the ground principles of the dialogue which form an integral part of the Initiative’s Guide to Internal Dialogue on Kosovo.

The Initiative will continue to insist on belief that the consequences of the past war can be truly overcome only through the process of dealing with the past: admitting responsibility for wrong policies and crimes that have been committed. We expect political leaders, majority and opposition alike, to take part in the dialogue and put a stop to creation of future generations of young people in our society lost to inappropriate, unreasonable, unproductive or cowardly policies.