The promotion of the new book written by the Hague convict and former Yugoslav People’s Army officer, Veselin Sljivancanin, which supposed to be held tonight at the Cultural Center of the municipality of Cukarica, was canceled, it was confirmed to us in the Center.

However, when asked about specific reasons for cancellation of the book promotion, they could not give us an answer.

It’s no longer possible to find any information regarding the book promotion, as well as its cancellation, on the website of Cultural Center Cukarica.

To remind, several days ago Youth Initiative for Human Rights and some of their partner organizations requested cancellation of the promotion of Veselin Sljivancanin’s book.

The Initiative then called on the president of the Belgrade municipality of Cukarica, Srdjan Kolaric, to cancel this book promotion, saying that “by offering Sljivancanin as a cultural and moral role model, and once again shamelessly treading over the victims of crime at Ovcara, state institutions of Serbia are again defending criminal policy of the 90s”.

They added that “due to the duty we have towards future generations, and responsible attitude towards a formally proclaimed policy of reconciliation in the region, all the institutions of the Republic of Serbia, and thus all city municipalities as well, are obliged to deflect from war criminals”.

Additionally, Veselin Sljivancanin was also one of the guests at the public event organized by the Serbian Progressive Party, during which an incident occurred when several of Youth Initiative for Human Right’s activists unwinded the banner saying “War Criminals to be Silent in Order for Victims to Speak”.

After more than six months of the incident in Beska, according the the Insajder, the Prosecution decided to reject criminal charges filed by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights.